Seven Signs of a Soul  by Ian Todd (EPK)

Seven Signs of a Soul is the third album. This album comprises of 7 songs, each one of the songs is loosely a different sign of life: Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion & Nutrition. Each song then delves deeper into other introspective topics: Stoicism, mental health as well as anti-consumerism. The Double Bass is played by John Parker, the saxophone is played by Kirk Hastings, the drums are loops and the guitar, keyboards and vocals are by Ian. The album is produced by Ian Todd.

The Album is released on: 20/8/21

Here is the album for you to listen to 


Movement Towards MotionIan Todd
00:00 / 07:34
Ian Todd - Don't Forget to Breathe (16biIan Todd
00:00 / 06:45
Sense of SensitivityIan Todd
00:00 / 04:27
GrowIan Todd
00:00 / 06:08
Made Yourself to BeIan Todd
00:00 / 05:42
What Goes in is What Goes OutIan Todd
00:00 / 05:03
Ian Todd - Feed the Goodself (16bit mastIan Todd
00:00 / 07:12

The Bio

"Immersive songs to soothe the soul". While a lot of musicians write music to get you dancing, inspire angst or perhaps other activities, Ian Todd is a musician who makes a contemplative experience with music. Taking in the sounds of Ian's guitar, keyboards or voice will have you contemplating life, the universe and everything while sipping a hot drink. 


"I don't know what this song reminds me of; but it makes me want to lie down in a darkened room and listen to the Stone Roses" Brody Swain, BBC Music Introducing Coventry & Warwickshire.

"Ian too seems to set himself no false constraints nor be bound by the shackles of genre expectations: he goes where his particular inclination takes him" Andy Holdcroft, Hot Music Live presents

With two albums, "Groaning Up" and "Bohemian Hymns" out, plus a string of singles, Ian is currently working on on a new concept album comprised of 7 songs, each one based on a different clinical sign of life, applying mindfulness to music and taking it to new heights. 

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