Are you working on a project? Something creative?

Is it a musical, a band or a recording? Are you a solo artist? Are you a dancer? A film maker?

Do you require some original music? 

Do you want to learn how you to do something musical yourself?

Is this too many questions? 

The point is, I can help you, why not collaborate together?




I do indeed have a degree in music composition, however; that doesn't mean I will do what everyone else does when it comes to writing songs or instrumentals. I like to think differently about how to best suit the story being told. 


I have been playing guitar since 1996. Since then I have gone onto learn keyboards, bass guitar, mandolin and also to sing. I once did a session as a percussionist too. All of these are played with too much enjoyment to ever be half marks. 


The studio is where Sir David Attenborough would find me in a documentary about musicians. I'm never afraid to get nerdy about microphones and making the cleanest and professional sounding recording possible!


I have a PGCE PCET. If I'm not playing music, I'm talking about it. If you want to know how to play an instrument, or learn how to be a tech-wiz, or maybe you want to learn how to read notation; I can help you.  


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